French Open 2017 seed reports

Breaking down the French Open 2017 draw, including top first-round matchups on the schedule, predictions and more. 
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I don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball. Nevertheless, we can try to handicap the field at the 2017 French Open. The men’s draw is the equivalent Warriors/Cavs, two unstoppable forces a path, inexorably it would seem, to collide. Put another way: if a player other Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic wins the title, it would mark a considerable upset.

With Sharapova in exile (a great band name, by the way), Serena out with a belly bump and both the defending champ and top seed struggling, the field is akin to the 2016 GOP field—more than a dozen contenders and a high probability of a surprise winner. The real winner? The tennis fan. You get ritual excellence. You also get also the unpredictability and the unscripted anything-can-happen spontaneity of sport. Another reasons this sport will survive—thrive even—in spite of itself.

Read on for the dark horses, top first-round matchups, predictions and more as we breakdown the men's and women's seeds at the 2017 French Open.