Did Venus Williams accidentally reveal that Serena is expecting a baby girl?

Serena Williams is around six months pregnant, but we don't know whether she's expecting a girl or boy. 
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Earlier this year, Serena Williams inadvertently announced on Snapchat that she was expecting a child. Now her older sister may have accidentally revealed the child's gender.

After Venus Williams's second-round victory on Wednesday at Roland Garros, Patrick Mouratoglou (Serena's coach and a TV commentator) asked Venus what she wanted Serena's child to call her.

"She's going to call me 'favorite aunt,'" Venus said.

She? Did Venus just reveal that Serena's having a girl? Or was she just using "she" in a general sense? Here's video of the exchange, which starts around the one-minute mark:

Ah, but wait: On Thursday, Serena offered an explanation. 

Well, that's settled then. Also, in that same interview, Venus and Mouratoglou sang "Say My Name" for some reason.

It seems the Backhand Boys have some competition.