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Australian Open to Introduce Final-Set Tiebreakers at 6-6 as Early as 2019

The Australian Open will reportedly follow Wimbledon in introducing final-set tiebreakers. 

The Australian Open will follow Wimbledon in introducing tiebreakers in the final sets of all matches, per the Times. The change could be introduced as soon as the 2019 tournament.

The Open would differ from Wimbledon's rules by including a "super tie-break" played at 6–6, in which players would have to win ten points by a margin of two.

Wimbledon recently introduced a final-set tiebreaker at 12-12 to start in 2019. The US Open has played a tie-break at 6-6 for almost 50 years, while the French Open does not use any final set tie-break.

All four Grand Slams will have different ways of deciding final sets of matches if the Australian Open does decide to use the proposed "super tie-break."

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The Times added that players are reportedly being consulted about the change ahead of next month's event. The change has already been granted approval by the grand slam board.

The goal of the rule changes would be to shorten the potential length of matches, which has been a particular problem in Melbourne. Five men’s and seven women’s matches went beyond 6–6 in the deciding set in the 2018 singles events.

The Australian Open begins on Jan. 14.