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NEW YORK — Daniil Medvedev's heel turn at the U.S. Open cost him $9,000 - raising his total for fines at the tournament to $19,000 after three matches.

The U.S. Tennis Association said the No. 5-seeded Russian was docked $5,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct for angrily snatching and throwing away a towel from a ballperson, and $4,000 for holding his middle finger against the side of his face during his third-round victory.

That behavior resulted in a steady stream of booing from the Louis Armstrong Stadium crowd throughout the match. The jeers reached a crescendo after Medvedev's win was done, and he seemed to relish it and egged the spectators on.

Sarcastic as can be, he told them: ''I want all of you to know, when you sleep tonight, I won because of you.''

Medvedev has been fined after each of his matches so far: $7,500 for verbal abuse in the first round, $2,500 for equipment abuse in the second.

He can afford the penalties, though: By reaching the fourth round, he's guaranteed to take home at least $280,000