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SI Insider: The 2020 U.S. Open and French Open Have Not Yet Been Canceled, But Is the 2021 Australian Open in Jeopardy?

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Robin Lundberg: We know sports are on pause, but we don't know for how long. When it comes to the Australian Open, that could be a while. I'm joined now by senior writer Jon Wertheim. Jon, what's the story there? [00:00:17][9.9]

Jon Wertheim: Yeah. It was an interesting announcement that came out because remember, we are still hoping to play the 2020 U.S. Open right around the time of Labor Day weekend. That event is still, as of now, on the calendar.

Whether it will be in front of fans, not in front of fans, or with a full field - that remains to be seen. But that event has not been canceled, nor has the 2020 French Open, which has now been moved into the first two weeks of October. 

Ironically, 2021's Australian Open, we're talking about three majors from now - there was a story saying that they are pondering canceling the event in 2021. I talked with organizers there who said that story got a little bit out of hand. 

That was just one of four scenarios. It's the bleakest scenario. It's the least-likely scenario. "We are considering everything right now, whether that means players will have to quarantine. Maybe we don't allow fans that come from outside of Australia. But one of the options, unfortunately, we have to consider is full postponement." So, again, as you say, everyone is considering every option. 

Sports are especially hard hit by coronavirus. We talk about social distancing that is completely at odds with big sporting events. And at the same time, sports, whether it's the UFC, whether it's the NFL, whether it's college football. Everyone is trying to be creative to see if there isn't some way to stage these events.

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