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SI Insider: Tour Updates From the ATP

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Last week, a letter went out from the ATP CEO Calvelli sent to all the players. Remember, it was a few weeks ago that Novak Djokovic proposed this scale where the players ranked one to 100 would contribute different levels to a relief fund. 

The tour has finally weighed in. They say they're getting very close to having this relief fund for players in tennis. This letter that the CEO sent also made mention to the fact that there will be some furloughs and some salary cutbacks at ATP headquarters. He talked about how these exhibitions that are going on - the ATP supports those, but those are not tour events. And players need to be careful about things like sponsorships and how things like anti-gambling that the same rules will apply. 

It was interesting, though, this letter to players by the CEO, did not reference the joint ATP WTA proposal that Roger Federer, among others, has been a proponent. This has been big chatter in tennis. And it was interesting that when the ATP CEO weighed in on this letter to players, he made no mention of proposal whatsoever. 

Read into that what you will. But it does seem like the tours are trying to stay in touch with their constituents. Obviously, the players are scattered throughout the world. They are not playing right now. I think everyone is getting eager to see tennis return. 

But as far as this big off-season story of this possible merger, this possible collaboration between the men and women, that wasn't referenced in this letter that went out to the players last week.