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Sneak peek: The screenplay the NFL approved about hero Roger Goodell

Introducing The Shield, an NFL-approved screenplay chronicling the rise of the league's greatest hero—Roger Goodell.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is having a tough run of bad luck. Well, maybe not bad luck, per se. But a long stretch of not being all that good at his job? Definitely. 

If the Deflategate ruling wasn't bad enough, Goodell's NFL is facing another PR nightmare with the upcoming release of the Will Smith movie Concussion. Ol' Rog is in desperate need of a change in public perception—and nothing is better for an image re-boot like some propaganda. Sepp Blatter tried to change the hearts and minds of the few dozen people who saw the FIFA propaganda flick United Passions this summer. Now it's Goodell's turn.

Using highly-placed sources inside the NFL league office (or possibly just my imagination), I was able to get a copy of a pro-Goodell script the NFL is shopping around Hollywood. Get a sneak peak below before "The Shield" hits your local multiplex.


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