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Balance wins handicap honors in Sydney to Hobart race

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HOBART, Australia (AP) Australian yacht Balance has been confirmed as the handicap winner of the Sydney to Hobart race.

Balance won the overall title on Thursday when its only remaining challenger, the smallest yacht in the race, Quikpoint Azzurro, failed to reach the finish line by its winning deadline of 4:43 a.m. Hobart time.

The 33-foot (10-meter) Quikpoint was on target to win as it sailed swiftly down the coast of the island state of Tasmania on Wednesday, but it lost time in the approach to Hobart, and the deadline passed.

Balance, which has been owned since 2014 by financial adviser Paul Clitheroe, finished seventh on line honors in the 628-nautical-mile race behind winner Comanche. Previously known as Quest, the 52-foot (16-meter) yacht won the handicap title in 2008.