‘Lucha Underground’ Will Return for a Fourth Season

The acclaimed wrestling series Lucha Underground is coming back for a fourth season. 
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Waves of joy are drifting across the wrestling universe as the news just broke that Lucha Underground will return for a fourth season.

“We’re so excited for our supports, our ‘Believers’,” said Lucha Underground Head writer Chris “DJ” DeJoseph. “We’re also excited to get to work on a project that everybody involved-from the network to MGM, to the performers and crew-is proud to create. We want to continue to be the most innovative, exciting, unpredictable show in professional wrestling in the world.”

El Rey Network made the announcement today on social media that Lucha Underground will return, with filming and airing of the fourth season expected to occur in 2018.

“We have some major stories that need to be followed up on,” said DeJoseph, who crowned a new champion in Pentagón Dark during the season three finale. “We have some questions that need to be answered, questions that need to be asked, and everyone wants to know what happened to Dario Cueto.”

Lucha Underground offers a world vastly different from WWE, having a created a cinematic approach with supernatural elements and science fiction that also embeds wrestling psychology and storylines. The show’s heartbeat is its fanbase, including the audience that fills the 350-seat Lucha Underground Temple in Los Angeles for tapings.

“The people who make Lucha Underground are our ‘Believers’ who are out there fighting for us,” said DeJoseph. “Lucha Underground has such a real bond with its fans, and we work hand-in-hand. In the Temple, we’re one big Lucha family.”