"Monday Night Raw" Has Featured Some Shocking Storylines Over The Years

"Monday Night Raw" has featured crazy weddings, guns being pulled, a live sex show and more.
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The WWE is celebrating its 25th anniversary of "Monday Night Raw" with a monster show this week. Many old superstars are set to return for the three-hour telecast on the USA Network. Some of them have been featured over the years in truly outrageous and head-scratching storylines that will never be forgotten.

Before the WWE was a publicly traded company with shareholders, there were very few things that were off limits when it came to what could be done on the air. This was especially true during the Attitude Era, when it seemed like there were no restrictions. 

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Here's a look back at seven of most outlandish moments in "Monday Night Raw" history. Most are offensive in some way and obviously, none of these storylines get made in 2018.

1. Nov. 4, 1996: Brian Pillman pulls a gun on Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin planned on breaking into Pillman's home for a confrontation since Pillman was laid up at the time with a broken ankle. Little did Stone Cold know that Pillman would be there waiting -- with a gun. The WWE showed some restraint, though, because you didn't actually see Pillman pull the trigger. He aims the gun at Austin, the screen goes fuzzy and then you see commotion. 

2. ​Aug. 3, 1998: Kaientai chops off Val Venis' penis

Kaientai was a stable of Japanese wrestlers. Venis, whose character was a womanizing porn star, had relations with a sister of one of the members. The group decided to get revenge by dragging Venis to the locker room and then performing a circumcision like no other.

3. April 26, 1999: The Undertaker abducts Stephanie McMahon, tries to marry her

This was just your basic kidnapping/forced marriage/crucifixion angle. The Undertaker had kidnapped Vince's daughter, nailed her to some sort of object that wasn't a cross, but was supposed to make you think of a cross, while manager Paul Bearer tried to marry Stephanie and The Undertaker -- until Stone Cold Steve Austin made the save.

4. Nov. 29, 1999: Triple H-Stephanie McMahon get married

Another bizarre Stephanie wedding, but instead of being kidnapped, this time, she was passed out after drinking too much. And married without her knowledge. You see, she was all set to marry Test. However, Triple H wanted to get into the McMahon family, so after Stephanie got drunk at her bachelorette party, HHH put her in a car, drove to a Vegas wedding chapel and said "I do," for him and her.

5. ​March 13, 2000: Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombs Mae Young off the stage

One the previous episode of "Raw," Dudley powerbombed the 80-year old Young through a table in the ring. So she was in a neck brace and wheelchair because of the "injuries." Dudley took things to another level here, by performing the powerbomb off a stage and through a table -- all while Jim Ross lost his mind.

6. Oct. 21, 2002: HHH has sex with a corpse

This one will make the previous five entries seem tame. The storyline goes like this: Kane was dating a woman named Katie Vick. "Katie" was killed in a car crash when Kane got behind the wheel after drinking too much.  HHH, who was feuding with Kane at the time, put on a Kane mask, entered the funeral parlor while pretending to be Kane, and had sex with Katie's corpse.


​7. Jan. 9, 2006: Edge celebrates win by having a "live sex show" with Lita

After winning the WWE title from John Cena after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on pay-per-view the night before, Edge decided to celebrate the milestone by having sex with his then-girlfriend (in real life and in storyline) right in the middle of the ring.


There are many other outrageous "Monday Night Raw" moments. What are your favorites? Tell us on our SI Wrestling Facebook page.