Stone Cold Steve Austin cut a vintage promo on a WWE interviewer.

By Jimmy Traina
January 23, 2018

The Texas Rattlesnake still has it.

After opening the 25th anniversary show of Monday Night Raw by delivering "Stunners" to Vince and Shane McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin did a glorious interview with 

When interviewer, Mike Rome tried to end the Q&A after Austin explained why he came out to confront the McMahon's, Stone Cold cut went off. Not pleased with Rome only asking one question and not showing the proper respect to a WWE legend, Austin complained that he was "being treated like a jabroni" and then listed his credentials to Rome before calling him "a piece of trash." 

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There were plenty more insults and Austin delivered each and every one with the perfect amount of intensity and anger.

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It was a true tour de force that showed why Austin remains a WWE icon to this day.

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