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Full List of Greatest Royal Rumble Match Participants

WWE has confirmed 24 of the 50 participants for the Greatest Royal Rumble match. 

WWE is planning a supercharged version of the Royal Rumble match for Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. While the annual January Rumble features 30 entrants, this one will have a whopping 50. 

The match will be a Royal Rumble format (with wrestlers entering at set intervals of time) rather than a battle royal format (with all the wrestlers beginning in the ring at the same time). WWE hasn’t said what the time between entrances is but it stands to reason that they’ll try to speed things up just a little bit given the larger field. 

Only 24 of the 50 participants have been announced, so we can expect a bunch of surprise entrants. One of the entrants will be the winner of WWE’s Saudi Arabia tryout, so that leaves half the field as a mystery at this point. See the full list below. 

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