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Kane Used His Entrance Music When He Made His Victory Speech

No pyro, though. 

Newly elected Knox County mayor Glenn Jacobs isn’t shying away from his history in WWE as Kane. 

Jacobs, who, as expected, on Thursday won the election for mayor of the Tennessee county where he lives, walked to the podium for his acceptance speech much like he’s done for more than 20 years in WWE—with his entrance music booming over the loudspeaker.

The song used there is “Slow Chemical” by Finger Eleven, which was Kane’s third entrance theme. Since WWE switched to new theme music recorded by CFO$, Kane has been using a song called “Veil of Fire.”

“Slow Chemical,” though, is definitely the most iconic Kane theme. It also matches Jacobs’s new professional look, since that’s the music Kane walked to the ring to during his suit-wearing “Corporate Kane” era. Still, it would have been nice for him to bust out the mask and the pyro one more time.