‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Isn’t Actually Quitting Beer: ‘Why in the F--- Would I Do That?’

“I will probably drink until my final day on Earth,” Stone Cold explained. 
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Yes, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has stopped drinking beer but no, it’s not permanent. 

The Texas Rattlesnake said on his podcast last week that he hadn’t had any alcohol for 14 days straight. Fans were shocked to hear that the man who made his name guzzling beer in the ring had quit drinking. But Austin set the record straight this week on his newest podcast, explaining that his teetotaling is only temporary. 

Austin said he’s currently on a diet and strictly managing his caloric intake. He’s limiting himself to 2,700 calories per day, logging everything he consumes in an app. Beer, wine and liquor are simply too calorie-dense for Stone Cold to drink while still maintaining a calorie deficit and getting his body back in Attitude Era shape. 

“There ain’t no room in my diet for alcohol at this point in time,” Austin said. “I didn’t swear off alcohol forever. Why in the f--- would I do that? I enjoy alcohol responsibly as an adult, so therefore I will probably drink until my final day on Earth.”

Well that’s a relief.