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The movie will reportedly focus on Hogan's rise in the wrestling world.

By Jenna West
February 20, 2019

Chris Hemsworth will play Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic on the wrestler's life, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Deals for the film are in the middle of closing with Netflix. Director Todd Phillips and writer Scott Silver will reunite on the Hogan project after working together on the upcoming DC Comics film, The Joker, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Additional producers for the movie include Phillips, Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper and Michael Sugar, who produced Spotlight. Eric Bischoff, who served as president of World Championship Wrestling when it signed Hogan in 1994, will also produce, reports THR.

The movie will reportedly be centered around Hogan's rise in wrestling and act as "an origin story of the Hulkster and Hulkamania." It will not span his entire life or include the scandals from later in his career.

Hogan is one of the greatest wrestlers ever and had a significant impact on the wrestling boom of the 1980s and '90s. However, he was seemingly erased from WWE history over three years ago after a 2007 video surfaced of him using racial slurs. The video, which also featured sexually explicit content, functioned as the focal point of Hogan’s successful invasion defamation, loss of privacy and emotional pain lawsuit against Gawker that netted him a $31 million settlement.

In July 2018, he was reinstated in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Hogan, born Terry Gene Bollea, will work as a consultant and executive producer on the project, according to THR.

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