One WWE referee proved Thursday night that the refs can be just has tough as the wrestlers. 

Tom Castor was calling a match between Velveteen Dream and Tyler Breeze at an NXT house show in Omaha when he snapped his lower leg. (One fan said the injury occurred during a botched superkick spot.) Castor laid in the corner of the ring while ref Drake Wuertz entered the ring to call the finish of the match. 

Incredibly, Castor was still able to hit the mat to the count of three when Dream pinned Breeze for the victory. 

According to Wuertz, Castor was in good spirits as he was wheeled out of the arena. 

Many of Castor’s colleagues passed along well wishes after the injury. 

Castor’s injury wasn’t the only one during the show. According to those in attendance, wrestler Raul Mendoza appeared to have twisted his ankle and was unable to finish his match.