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Even in 2019, it is still time to snap into a Slim Jim.

The legend of the “Macho Man” Randy Savage continues. Mattel is celebrating Savage’s time as a spokesperson for the Slim Jim brand and their memorable television commercials with a new action figure.

Savage’s brother “The Genius” Lanny Poffo was grateful for the news that WWE and Mattel are paying homage to the “Macho Man” through this action figure.

“Randy loved Slim Jim and Slim Jim loved him,” said Poffo. “He believed in the product and saw this as another way to be accessible to his fans. It’s nice to know that people still remember.”

The Savage action figure has deluxe articulation, enhanced facial detailing, gear from an actual Slim Jim commercial, and is wrapped in Slim Jim-inspired packaging.


The price of the figure, available through starting on June 18, is $29.99. The figure will also be available for purchase at a special discount during San Diego Comic Con weekend at the Mattel booth beginning on July 17.

Poffo is grateful that the “Macho Man” is remembered so fondly.

“Because of the WWE Network and Mattel, it’s fantastic that his memory is never going to die,” said Poffo. “Randy wasn’t special because he was chosen, he was chosen because he was special—and there will never be another.”

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