Shaq Gets Knocked Out by Cody Rhodes in AEW Dynamite Debut


NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal made his AEW-ring debut on Wednesday night, but he wasn't conscious when he and Jad Cargill defeated Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet in Dynamite: The Crossroads.

Shaq, 48, dominated Rhodes for the first half of the match, but "The American Nightmare" got his revenge with a running crossbody. The move sent both men out of the ring, crashing into (and shattering) two tables.

Cargill eventually won the mixed-tag match for the two powerhouses with a Glam Slam. Meanwhile, O'Neal was still knocked out in the rubble with an AEW doctor checking him.

O'Neal was put onto a stretcher during the commercial break and loaded onto an ambulance outside of the amphitheater. However, when announcer Tony Schiavone opened up the vehicle's doors, Shaq was nowhere to be found.