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For all the headway AEW has made, WWE still has the biggest star in wrestling, Roman Reigns. Acknowledge him. Because he is the Tribal Chief of the entire industry.

Trust me, I don’t say this as someone who always thought this way. When Vince McMahon and company were pushing him as a pure face back in the day, I thought he was in a word...lame. However, like was once shown by another great with samoan lineage, one can go from a Rocky Maivia to The Rock of the business.

The run Reigns is currently on is legendary. He’s mastered the likable heel persona, which has paid off in both crowd reaction and merchandise sales. And he’s mowed down a litany of legends in his way...from Daniel Bryan, to Edge, to John Cena, to now the beast Brock Lesnar. 

The Head of the Table is feasting and has done so for over a year during his Universal Championship reign. He’s not only the Crown Jewel of the promotion he works for but is the biggest needle mover period. Something he hasn’t been shy about letting people know either.

I’m on record that CM Punk lit a pipe bomb when he returned to wrestling and put the WWE on notice, but until further notice it is Reigns who is The Best in the World. And I’m not even Paul Heyman saying it. 

Unlike the finish of Roman's match with Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel that made the audience wonder where Heyman's allegiance truly lies, Reigns is unquestionably at the top of the game.