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Deonna Purrazzo Has Nothing But Respect for Mickie James Ahead of ‘Bound for Glory’ Match

They’ve been building toward their Knockouts title match since July and will finally get in the ring on Saturday.

Saturday’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view offers the potential to witness Josh Alexander start his first run as Impact Wrestling champ, and the card is shaping up to be a night of champions. This includes the prospect of seeing Deonna Purrazzo further cement herself as one of the top performers in the industry.

Purrazzo meets her most intense rival at Bound for Glory, defending the Knockouts title against Mickie James in a match that has been building since July.

“This is my first real rivalry as champion, one I’ve really been able to sink my teeth into,” Purrazzo says. “It’s been a long time coming, but the last 18 months have proved I’m bound for glory. It describes my entire career, and I can’t wait to have the match of the night against Mickie James.”

The highly decorated James possesses an impressive résumé, having held the Knockouts title on three occasions and six titles in WWE. She is a pioneer of women’s wrestling, carrying 22 years of experience into her match against Purrazzo.

“I admire her passion and love for women’s wrestling,” Purrazzo says. “Mickie’s put her entire life into this. She made her [WWE] TV debut sixteen years ago, and she has put her heart and soul into pushing forward women’s wrestling. She’s fought to show that women are just as important as the men, that we deserve the same spotlights and the same main events and the same TV time. Now she’s back in Impact, pushing the Knockouts division to the next level.”

James served as the executive producer for the NWA’s all-women EmPowerrr pay-per-view in August. Purrazzo was given a bright spotlight on that card, defeating Melina Perez via submission in a match for the Knockouts title.

“All that recognition for what we accomplished at EmPowerrr did Mickie justice,” Purrazzo says. “That night doesn’t happen without her.”

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Even while defending the belt against a plethora of opponents, Purrazzo’s story with James has been ongoing for the past four months. Bound for Glory finally marks their opportunity to make magic in the ring, and Purrazzo is ready to meet the moment.

“It’s a legend that paved the way for the present, which is me,” says Purrazzo, who is also the reigning Reina de Reinas champion in AAA. “I don’t want to call myself a legend killer—I think that name is already taken—but I’ve had opportunities to take down legends, and Mickie is next.”

Purrazzo has flourished in Impact. With the exception of a three-week stretch last fall, she has been the Knockouts champion since July of 2020. She brings excellent technical precision to her matches, and she is excited to add to her highlight reel in this match against James.

“Carrying the Impact brand and the Knockouts legacy means so much to me,” Purrazzo says. “I take a lot of pride in being the champion. I’ve committed to wrestling since I was 18 years old. I gave up teaching and I gave up school. I knew I wouldn’t do anything else.

“Nothing else matters to me as much as pro wrestling. I’m going to show that in the ring at Bound for Glory.”

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