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WWE Abandons Trademark for Nazi Commander’s Name

Walter, an Austrian wrestler who took off with WWE’s NXT UK brand, made his way stateside. Unfortunately, the company’s attempt at rebranding him for his U.S. debut went extremely poorly.

A week ago, WWE filed a trademark application for the name “Gunther Stark.” One major issue: that was the name of a Nazi U-boat commander, who was sunk in the English Channel in 1944. reports that WWE has abandoned the trademark filing for Gunther Stark, and for obvious reasons.

Walter won his NXT debut on Tuesday, after which he announced he’ll be going by “Gunther,” without mentioning the last name. 

His official WWE bio also lists him as simply “Gunther.”

It certainly appears the WWE thought better of things after missing that giant red flag with the “Gunther Stark” ring name at the outset.

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