Is Otis Destined to be a WWE Champion?

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WWE Superstar Otis won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last Sunday which leads many to believe a championship run could be in the future. SI's Justin Barrasso reacts to Otis' improbable victory and what it could mean for WWE going forward.

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Madelyn Burke: Last Sunday, we saw Otis win the WWE Easy Money in the bank ladder match. Now, wrestling fans know that by winning that match, it almost guarantees that we may see Otis get that championship goal in the near future. Now here to talk more on Otis is our own Justin Barrasso. Justin, how shocked were you to see the WWE give out such a big push here? 

Justin Barrasso: Yeah, that was the big takeaway from Sunday night. I mean, money in the bank was a more cinematic presentation of a wrestling Pay-Per-View that made event that went from the bottom of their corporate headquarters to the roof was taped in advance a couple of weeks ago. And so they were creative. Not everything was perfect, but they were definitely creative. They took some chances and they certainly took a chance with the finish. It looked like with Baron Corbin on the ladder, it would end in AJ Styles hands for him to fumble and for it to fall into Otis's, you know, waiting hands. It was a really good story. I don't know where they go from here, but I think it's nice that we have to watch and find out. So many things in the wrestling world are predictable. Sunday night certainly wasn't.

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Madelyn Burke: Otis doesn't necessarily have the luck or the mike skills of a quote unquote, WWE champion. But what does it say to you that the WWE is moving in this direction?

Justin Barrasso: Yeah, he's not. When you look at the champions right now, Jrue MacIntyre on Monday, he's an action figure come to life. Braun Strowman on Friday and smacked on the universal champion. Is a larger than life. I mean, they're they're they're larger than life figures. Otis is 5 10. Otis has a what he called what he refers to as a power belly. You know, he has and he also has a a reading disability. You know, he doesn't have a reading level above a third grade level. He's been honest about that. And he mentioned that in the interview, too, that we just did together. He's a very unique character, full of charisma. That's what WWE is based off of. You know, they're airing WrestleMania 3 on Episode 1 and Oncor presentation. And when you look at that card, it's just all characters, all different shapes and sizes and personalities. So I think it's a great way to take a chance on Otis. We'll see what happens. You know, the majority of people who win this money in the bank briefcase go on to title. They get he gets the creative department gets cold feet or Hitzig man gets cold feet on some of these people. Like I think of Damian Sam now, for instance, or even Baron Corbin, and they lose that briefcase. We'll see. This is a really good opportunity to build someone new into the main event scene. We'll see how they do it. 

WWE's Otis holds the Money in the Bank briefcase after winning the ladder match

Madelyn Burke: Well, and of course, we know that WWE is operating under special circumstances now due to lack of fans in attendance. So could you see the WWE using these conditions to kind of push certain other superstars? If so, which ones would you like to see get more main event time? 

WWE's Mandy Rose and Otis celebrate in the ring at WrestleMania 36

Justin Barrasso: Great question. Otis being one of them on Fridays, you know, I think to John Morrison and want a career choice. He made two. He resigned just a couple of months ago. And it was a great move. In retrospect, with the pandemic coming, who would have known? But John Morris, someone else, I think that we should see a lot more of. I think anybody new and fresh to I just think the more especially with the limited roster. So on Monday, they announced the brand new brand initiative. Our invitation, which will allow rock stars to come on Smackdown and Smackdown, starts to come on raw, which is smart just because they're working with a limited roster. I still think they're making the right move by highlighting Drew McIntyre, who is their champion on Mondays. It's just all about chemistry, though. Drew hasn't found the right opponent yet. They're bringing Baron Corbin in next week. He's not the right guy for Drew. I wish they included Edge and Randy Orton into that main event scene with Drew, because you really need your champion to be special in your champion to stand out. And I think that's that's Monday's lacking. They need the right chemistry for Drew Mcintyre for Fridays. Yeah, I'm really excited to see what they do with what they do with Otis. I'd still love to see more Big E. I think he's the next untapped, you know, main event star. But I think they have so many internal talents to make this work. So hopefully we see some creativity in the weeks and months moving forward.

Madelyn Burke: A lot of possibilities as we navigate these new circumstance. Justin Rosseau, thanks so much for the time. Thank you. 

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