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Has Jon Moxley Found True Success in AEW?

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Jon Moxley quickly became one of the cornerstones of AEW when he decided to leave the WWE. SI's Justin Barrasso breaks down Moxley's success in AEW and discusses the possibility of the wrestler returning to the WWE.

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Madelyn Burke: Jon Moxley quickly became one of the cornerstones of AEW when he decided to leave the WWE, our on Justin Barrasso got a chance to speak with Moxley on his career moves and his plans moving forward. Justin you've discussed the creative differences between the WWE and AEW but how would Moxley describe it. Is he happier? 


Justin Barrasso: Yeah, I think it's night and day for Jon. And that depends on the performer, too, right? I think some people like Seth Rollins is probably or Becky Lynch, they're probably very, very happy with the direction of WWE. But for someone like Moxley, he wanted a change. He wanted more freedom. He wanted more realism in his character and freedom to to work on projects outside of WWE. You know, you're not wrestling with with New Japan when you're with WWE. You're not wrestling on independent shows. And for Moxley and that's a big opportunity. Plus, he has this movie, Cage Fighter that's premiering on Saturday too that's such a cool opportunity for him to expand and show that he's versatile as a performer and not just solely as a wrestler. So, yeah, I think it was a perfect fit for Jon. And he's been he's been the to me, the cornerstone of AEW

Madelyn Burke: Since last May, you mentioned Moxleys acting passion and that he's got a film coming out. But what goals does he have to accomplish outside of pro wrestling?


Justin Barrasso: Well, I think that John knows wrestling's is bread and butter, which is nice, too. You know, he's he's authentic. He's not trying to be someone he's not. And the great thing, too, is he plays a pro wrestler in the film, too. So I think it's Randy Stone's the character's name. I think he's staying within his wheelhouse. He's doing what he does best, bringing intensity, bringing charisma and still building a fun storyline. You know, I think AWP got a little bit of criticism or critique for for going back to matches we saw in WWE like Moxley Jericho. We saw that inevitably Moxie Brody Lee at their Pay-Per-View next week. We saw that in WWE, too. But to their credit, they're presenting it in a new, fresh way that we haven't seen before, which I think is especially remarkable considering we've seen it. But to do it again and make it special, that means even more. 

Madelyn Burke: Now, fans are absolutely happy to see Moxley have that wrestling success in his career flourishing. But could you see him ever returning back to the WWE and maybe having that same success?


Justin Barrasso: You never say never. I mean, right now that seems so far fetched. But in five years, I think it's a great question. Either three years or I think eventually everyone comes back. We'll see where the wrestling landscape stands in the next half decade. But I'm sure I think that, you know, there's always money to be made here. The Shield in the Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, if it ever worked. I remember before WrestleMania 30, Hulk Hogan was with TNA in one of the interviews we did. He said, I'd still love to come back for WrestleMania. I think that the landscape's changed with AEW but we'll see where we are in three, five years. 

Madelyn Burke: Never say never. Justin Barrasso, thanks so much for the insight. Thank you. 

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