Extra Mustard

Tracy Morgan Talks 30 Rock, Deer-Antler Spray, Culliver's Comments

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan dropped by radio row to visit with SI.com's Maggie Gray ahead of Sunday's big game to discuss a range of NFL-related topics and more. Here's a sampling of what the Saturday Night Live alum had to say.

On the end of 30 Rock

"All good things come to an end. It was sweet like man meat."

On deer-antler spray as a performance enhancer

"It's good for getting girls pregnant I think."

On Chris Culliver's comments

"That's his opinion. I don't know. If the teammate is playing well and doing good, why not?"

On Dan Marino's illegitimate child

"Great going, Dan. At least you know you're not messing with blanks. Just love the baby."