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ESPN's "Sport Science" Proves LeBron Is Amazing, Even In Ways That Don't Make Sense


Yesterday, ESPN's debatably useful (but Emmy-Winning!Sport Science program endeavored to uncover some statistics behind LeBron James' dominance:

Among the video's alternately interesting and inconsequential findings:

  • The average player takes 13 strides to cover the length of the court; LeBron takes nine.
  • LeBron's top speed was measured at over 20 miles per hour, which was as fast as Chris Paul's.

  • NFL quarterbacks take an average of .4 seconds to release a pass; it takes LeBron .18 seconds.
  • LeBron passes the ball at up to 40 miles per hour, and can hit a target who is about 12 yards away faster than Tom Brady.
  • When LeBron releases his shot, his hand is more than nine feet in the air--this is higher than the top of a stop sign.
Though the cited quarterback release and velocity numbers don't actually make any sense at all, good luck trying to get Joe Theismann to stop salivating.

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