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The Nashville Predators Painted Their Ice Gold. It's a Good Look for Them.

GoldIceLead Courtesy of Nashville Predators

In the run-up to this Saturday's "Fun Fest" in Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, the Predators endeavored to paint their ice gold. As workers went about Midas touching the 200 x 85 sheet slab of ice, there was briefly some concern that the hue was more yellow than gold, which would have ruined EVERYTHING. But optimism grew with each additional layer of paint.

The Fun Fest is a five-hour open house, during which the Preds plan to host a used equipment sale, give tours of the locker room, let prospective season ticket buyers scout out seats, and offer up a chance to “skate on Bridgestone Arena golden ice.” Why golden ice, the killjoys among you are asking, maybe?

The team can add "Because it makes for a killer picture" to that list, too, which is arguably the only reason anyone ever needs for doing anything.

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