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Lululemon Chairman Who Likes to Say Offensive Things to Step Down for Some Reason

chip wilson Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press

Lululemon announced today that its founder and chairman Chip Wilson will be stepping down in the wake of the controversy stemming from a television interview last month in which he remarked that the brand's yoga pants "just don't actually work" for some women's bodies (some=fat).

Buried sorta deep in the Reuters story about the news is the nugget that the Lululemon name actually originated from Wilson's insensitivity:

Wilson has said he chose the name "Lululemon" because the L sound is not in the Japanese language. "It's funny to watch them try to say it," he said in a 2004 profile in the National Post Business magazine.

Who would have thought the guy who convinced everyone it's ok to wear pajamas in public would be so spectacularly unpleasant?

[ABC News and Reuters]

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