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Mack Brown to Texas Grads: Don't Go On The Jerry Springer Show

Now that former Texas football coach Mack Brown doesn't have a job, he's apparently really getting into daytime television, namely The Jerry Springer Show.

Speaking at UT Austin's School of Government commencement on Friday, the 62-year-old warned the graduates never to go on the show.

"If your wife or your girlfriend ever ask you to go on The Jerry Springer Show, do not go."

The guy has won a national championship, and has a longtime wife with four kids and some grandkids -- so you gotta think he knows what he's talking about, right?

And let's be honest, if you're a government student from one of the country's best public universities, you should never find yourself in one of these videos.

The laid back Brown cracked jokes for days — talking about selfies, David Letterman replacements and yes, even a little bit of football. You can hear them all here, courtesy of SB Nation.