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Stephon Marbury gets his own theatrical play in China

Stephon Marbury gets his own theatrical play in China
Though Metta World Peace, or actually, Panda Friend, has been getting a lot of Chinese love after signing with a Chinese Basketball Association team earlier this month, the league's most beloved star is still Stephon Marbury. Not only does Marbury have a life-sized statue erected outside Wukesong Stadium in Beijing (where his Ducks play), he's going to have his own theatrical play this October. 
Yup, tickets for the production "I Was Marbury" officially went on sale yesterday. The play will cover Marbury's life during the 2011-2012 Beijing Ducks season -- when Marbury led the team to its first championship over the Aaron Brooks-led Guangdong Tigers. 
The play's director, Zhou Wenhong, told Chinese media that the main theme of the play will be "never give up" and will incorporate choreographed basketball moves with dance. Marbury, however, describes the play's story in grander terms, saying in a press conference the play focuses on "Sino-US relations". 
Marbury will play himself in the production, but will only appear in a few scenes -- the story apparently focuses on other Chinese characters who have been inspired by Marbury. 
According to the production's official website, the show will have a different guest star each night, including Yao Ming and former NBA journeyman Wang Zhizhi. 
"I Was Marbury" runs 11 straight nights from October 1 to 11 in Beijing Wukesong Stadium. Ticket prices range from about $30 to $270.