MLB commissioner Bud Selig 'aggravated' with pace of games

MLB commissioner Bud Selig 'aggravated' with pace of games Photo:

Outgoing MLB commissioner Bud Selig said he is aggravated with the sport's pace of play. 

Selig has not made rules to change the pace, which allows a pitcher to take 12 seconds between pitches, though this rule is routinely ignored. 

Games are taking an average of three hours and two minutes this season. In 2003, games took two hours and 46 minutes to complete.

"I'm aggravated,” Selig said to USA Today. "Let me give you my pet example: Player comes to the plate, ball one. Now he gets out of the box and he's adjusting all his equipment. What the hell? He hasn't swung. What is he adjusting?”

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San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy doesn’t want to see changes, but admits that there are times when the game lags on. It is expected that the issue will be brought up when Rob Manfred replaces Selig as commissioner in January. 

“But I will admit, there are times when I've said, 'I wish we would have a clock,' because of how long a hitter's taking to get in the box,” Bochy said. 

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