Sports Illustrated's annual Where Are They Now issue catches up with the stars and prominent figures from yesteryear.

June 27, 2016

Sports Illustrated’s annual “Where Are They Now?” issue catches up with the stars and prominent figures from yesteryear—past features have included Ken Griffey Jr., Brett Favre, Dennis Rodman, Stan Musial and Don King. The 2017 issue catches up with an NBA icon whose footprint extends well beyond the court he struggles to live outside of and a college football legend who only briefly controlled his professional destiny. Find all of this year’s trips down memory lane below as SI rolls them out, and scroll on to read the best stories from the ’16 and ’15 issues.

From the 2017 Where Are They Now? issue

Clinton Portis's public bankruptcy and private rage

Greg Nelson

For the elite running back who once pulled on colored wigs and novelty glasses to embody playful alter egos, life after football turned serious—and nearly compelled him to do the unthinkable. Written by Brian Burnsed

Vince Young's quest to rewrite his football ending

Jack Arent/NBAE/Getty Images

"I didn’t stop because I wanted to. Now, I can’t blame anyone but me.” Vince Young won a national title and Rookie of the Year, but he’s remembered more for flaming out and financial snafus. At 34, he decided to play again—and quickly learned how hard that is. Written by Greg Bishop

The Answer finds his way home

Robert Beck

As Allen Iverson returns to the court for the first time in seven years, the NBA's best player calls him "a god" and the man he immortalized with a ruthless crossover wants him on his coaching staff. But what The Answer really wants to talk about is the winding journey back to his family, which could be his most important (and most surprising) victory. Written by Lee Jenkins

Away from the Olympic spotlight, Sasha Cohen adjusts to a new normal

Taylor Ballantyne

After a childhood spent chasing Olympic glory, the 2006 silver medalist explains why learning how to be an adult in the real world out of the spotlight—and how to be vulnerable—was a different challenge entirely. Written by Sasha Cohen

Marcus Lattimore launches a new football career

Scotty Peek

Five years after he played his last down, Marcus Lattimore has returned to Columbia and set up a new career in football that suits him just as well as his old labels of Gamecocks hero and surefire first-rounder once did. Written by Jonathan Jones

Justin Leonard left the course to find his peak

Robert Beck

The former Ryder Cup hero couches his Rocky Mountain makeover as a mid-life opportunity. Written by John Garrity

Gatorade Players of the Year who didn't become household names

Joe Robbins/Getty Images; Joe Raymond; Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The list of Gatorade High School Players of the Year includes LeBron James, Clayton Kershaw … and these other athletes who went on to flourish elsewhere once their playing careers wound down. Written by Jeremy Fuchs

Garry Kasparov tries to stay a move ahead of Putin

Erick Rasco

Perhaps the greatest chess player ever, the former world champion has become a fierce critic of his homeland and an advocate for freedom around the world. Written by Jack Dickey

How MJ taught B.J. to be an NBA agent

David E. Klutho/SI

For B.J. Armstrong, being Michael Jordan's sidekick had its perks, like three rings and an inside look at the NBA world that offered him preparation for his second career as an agent like no other player could have. Written by Matt Dollinger

Meet the stars of TBT (again)

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The Basketball Tournament deals in nostalgia for former stars of college basketball and the NBA. Catch up with Ohio State's Aaron Craft, UConn's Josh Boone and Missouri's Kareem Rush. Written by the Crossover staff

Boomshakalaka: The oral history of NBA Jam

Nearly a quarter century ago, the mischievous developers at Midway created NBA Jam, marrying video games and sports in a way never seen before. SI gathered those involved—behind the scenes and on the screen—to reminisce about the iconic coin-gobbling arcade game. Written by Alex Abnos and Dan Greene

Generation Shaq: The kids named after larger-than-life star

John McDonough

They are clarinetists and youth pastors and rappers and aerospace engineers, NFL players and valedictorians. But they all have one thing in common: the instantly recognizable first name of one of sports' most magnetic stars. Written by Alex Prewitt

Inside the life of the modern pro athlete in retirement

Jeffery A. Salter

A gathering in Florida provides a telling glimpse into the (golf-heavy, yarn-filled, still-aspirant) life of the modern professional athlete after hanging up the uniform. Written by Jon Wertheim

One Nation, Under Dog: An ode to the hot dog

Ode to the Hot Dog
Oscar Mayer via AP Images

Let's take a moment to appreciate the food that's emblematic of the United States of America: the hot dog. It doesn't just contain connective tissue. It is the connective tissue. Written by Steve Rushin

Midnight basketball, two decades later

Kohjiro Kinno

Community leaders across the country, using hoops as a hook for social programming, started leagues modeled after a tiny operation that began in Glenarden, Md. But what made Chicago’s league memorable was its prominence and its promise—even if its impact remains hard to measure. Written by Joan Niesen

Eric Lindros keeps his head up

Jonathan Bielaski

Ten years after repeated head injuries brought his star-crossed career to a close, the former Flyers phenom is, in his words, doing better—and working to improve conditions for brains everywhere. Written by Michael Rosenberg

Victor Conte is still hustling

Illustration by Michael Byers

Just a few miles from his BALCO lab that served as the epicenter of the steroid scandal that rocked multiple major sports, Victor Conte is building his name up all over again in the supplement and fitness world. Written by Tim Layden

Progress rounds off the Golden Eagles' edges

Robert Beck

A curtain call for Al McGuire, the Bumblebees, the Milwaukee Arena and the strange, fantastic 100-year history of Marquette basketball. Written by Charles P. Pierce

Tom Meschery finds new purpose amid Golden State revival


A member of the first Golden State Warriors team had lost touch with basketball and retreated into a life of isolation ... until the current squad brought him back. Written by Jack McCallum

From the 2016 Where Are They Now? issue

The Kid’s in the Hall

Walter Iooss, Jr.

After his sudden retirement, Ken Griffey Jr. is finally set for the baseball farewell he deserves. Written by Ben Reiter

Floyd Landis reaches the other side of scandal

Bas Czerwinski/AP

After admitting to doping, being stripped of his Tour de France title, and whistleblowing, Floyd Landis has finally found happiness on the other side of scandal. Written by Austin Murphy

Tecmo Bowl still going strong as a cult classic

Before Madden, there was Tecmo Super Bowl, and a superstar running back who could not be tackled. These days diehards continue keep those digital glory years alive. Written by Chris Burke

Fitness star Billy Blanks is still kicking

The inventor of Tae Bo is no longer the face of late-night infomercials, but he hasn’t stopped getting people fit with his famous workout. Written by Jack Dickey

An oral history of American Gladiators

Courtesy Everett Collection

The inside story of how a half-baked backwoods movie idea made reality TV history. Written by Andrew Lawrence

Theo Fleury helping survivors

The former Flames star turned country music singer is using music to help fellow survivors of abuse. Written by Alex Prewitt

Once an NBA GM, always a pirate

The former 76ers GM famous for an outsize draft lottery celebration is still eccentric as he enjoys his retirement. Written by Mitch Goldich

Athletes in the vineyard

It’s not a straight line from the Bud Light–sponsored, sports-bar-viewed NFL to the cuverie, but Drew Bledsoe is not the only retired player to have walked it. Written by Stephanie Apstein

Kobayashi in exile

Michael LeBrecht

The man who legitimized competitive eating is now barred from its marquee event, even though he lives nearby. Written by Ben Baskin

Baltimore’s heart, soul and stomach

Neil Leifer

Colts great Gino Marchetti’s name is inseparable from the story of “The Greatest Game Ever Played”—and from an East Coast burger chain. Written by Alexander Wolff

Christy Martin gets off the mat

Bill Frakes

Six years after her husband shot her and left her to die, former boxer Christy Martin has built a new life up from scratch. Written by Jacob Feldman

The Bunch looks back

Courtesy of Richard Domich

The cast and creators of The Baseball Bunch reflect on what went on behind the scenes. Written by Pete Croato

E-sports’ first superstar

Damian Dovarganes/AP

What do you do with your life after you win nearly half a million dollars playing video games? Written by Alex Prewitt

Brad Johnson is taking it slow in retirement

Peter Read Miller

A Super Bowl victory defined his unlikely career, but in retirement Brad Johnson has learned the world doesn’t revolve around the NFL like he thought. Written by Don Banks

An NFL bust’s second chance

Mike Williams nearly ate himself out of the NFL, but a late-career surge under the watch of an old coach energized him to give back to the game as a high school coach. Written by Doug Farrar

Black Superman’s life after hoops

Peter Read Miller

For a few months in the early ’80s, Billy Ray Bates was unstoppable for the Blazers. Now he’s having trouble getting out of his own way. Written by Jon Wertheim

The Fridge’s stubborn spiral

William R. Smith

Today, the Fridge is not the picture of happiness or stability, as an old friend discovered. Written by Rick Telander

Jorge Campos’s reflections on a colorful career

Kohjiro Kinno

After hanging up his neon uniform, the vibrant goalkeeper at the heart of Mexico’s national team for years is happy going unnoticed in L.A. Written by Michael McKnight

Her historic NHL cameo frozen in time

Chris O'Meara/AP Photos

The legacy of Manon Rheaume, the first and only female to play in the NHL, lies with her descendents and the players who look up to her. Written by Jeremy Fuchs

From the 2015 Where Are They Now? issue

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