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Watch: Yes, Floyd Mayweather is going to kill Conor McGregor

Yep, this fight is not going to end well for Conor McGregor.

On Thursday, we pointed you toward this workout video of Floyd Mayweather showing off his prodigious skills ahead of his August bout with Conor McGregor. Now, the former MMA champion turned would-be boxer put out his own behind-the-scenes look at how he's getting ready for the fight, and it's, uh ... well, it's not quite the same.

There are a lot of issues here (beyond the messed up audio), starting with McGregor's assertion that "You've never seen these moves." That's incorrect: If you've been to any boxing gym anywhere (or even a boxing class), you have seen these moves, and they would not scare or impress you. If someone whose workout looked like that told you that, in a few scant months, they would be fighting an undefeated champion who has made an art form out of never getting touched by an opponent, you would take their hand, guide them to a corner, and lead them in prayer to try to convince them to drop this insane quest.

Just watch the way McGregor seems to be moving in slow motion, throwing about a punch every minute. Then contrast that with Mayweather, who is practically dancing in this clip of him working the bag. Do these seem like equally matched men? Does this seem like a fair fight?

Consider this your daily reminder that you are going to pay a lot of money to watch McGregor get his skull broken on live TV.

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