Watch: Oh my God, Floyd Mayweather is going to kill Conor McGregor, isn't he?

This fight is not going to end well for Conor McGregor, is it?
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Obvious disclaimer: Conor McGregor is not a speed bag and is thus capable of movement, both lateral and longitudinal. But watching the way Floyd Mayweather works this bag—the way he moves, how quickly he can slip and roll and duck, that flurry at the end where he peppers the bag with approximately 45,000 punches in three seconds—is enough to make you think that, no matter how fast McGregor is, Mayweather is going to destroy him and leave no trace of his crushed, broken body.

Mayweather-McGregor is scheduled for Aug. 26. As Manny Pacquiao—himself a two-time victim of Pretty Boy Floyd's hands—posits, it's probably going to be a bloodbath. This video does nothing to contradict that.