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Las Vegas Casino Receives $1 Million Bet on Floyd Mayweather—In Cash

This isn’t even the first bet of at least a million dollars on Floyd Mayweather. 

How, exactly, would you go about carrying $1 million in cash into a Las Vegas casino to place a bet on Floyd Mayweather? Do you bring a team of armed guards to ensure its safe passage or do you put it an unassuming gym bag to avoid raising suspicion? Either way, someone in Vegas had to do that on Saturday. 

At -500, the bettor here would net $200,000 if Mayweather wins the bout. 

This bet, placed at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa off the strip, isn’t even the first million-dollar bet in favor of Mayweather. One bettor at the MGM sportsbook ponied up $1 million at -550 odds and another at William Hill put up $1.2 million at -500. The bet at South Point was so big that it shifted the casino’s odds on Mayweather to -525.

The majority of the bets placed in Vegas have been on McGregor but most of the money has been in Mayweather’s favor.