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Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin 2 Results: Alvarez Tops GGG, Analysis, Highlights, Scorecard

Get a round-by-round reaction to the rematch of Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez's middleweight title bout.

Gennady Golovkin defended his unified world middleweight title against Canelo Alvarez Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The bout was a rematch of a fight that took place this time last year and ended in a controversial draw. Since meeting back in 2017, the fighters have taken very different paths to get to this match.

Golovkin defended his title against Vanes Martirosyan on May 5 and earned a second-round knockout to improve his record to 38-0-1.

Alvarez had been at the center of controversy thanks to a pair of failed drug tests. He claimed it was tainted meat from his native Mexico that caused his samples to come back positive for clenbuterol, but Alvarez was still given a six-month suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

That suspension prevented the two from having their rematch on May 5, thus leading to Golovkin facing Martirosyan.

Saturday's long-awaited rematch was the final fight on a card that featured three knockouts. Roman Gonzalez knocked out Moises Fuentes in the fifth round, David Lemieux knocked out Gary O'Sullivan in the first round and Jaime Munguia knocked out Brandon Cook in the third round.

Check out a round-by-round analysis of GGG vs. Canelo 2 below to see how SI scored the fight as it was going on live.

Round 1

GGG used the jab early to try to create the pace, but Alvarez did a great job walking forward on him and was a more active puncher than he was in much of last year's fight.

10-9 for Alvarez.

Round 2

Alvarez continued to apply even more pressure than he did in the first round and had Golovkin a bit out of his comfort zone.

10-9 for Alvarez. Alvarez leads the fight 20-18.

Round 3

Alvarez's speed continues to cause problems for Golovkin, but GGG did a much better job establishing his jab again. All three rounds have been close, but GGG did enough to take the third.

10-9 for Golovkin. Alvarez leads the fight 29-28.

Round 4

Golovkin continued to pick up his activity, but his punches don't seem to be doing the damage that they normally would. Canelo looks like the more comfortable fighter and seems more poised to take control later on, but GGG once again did more in the round to pull things even.

Golovkin 10-9. The fight is tied at 38-38.

Round 5

GGG stayed sharp, but Canelo was able to shift the pace a bit and keep Golovkin walking back for much of the round.

Alvarez 10-9. Alvarez leads the fight 48-47.

Round 6

Canelo kept GGG on his heels once again, but Golovkin kept up his jab to not allow Canelo to dictate things too much. Alvarez worked the body well and had GGG breathing heavy and seems to be ready to take control.

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Alvarez 10-9. Alvarez leads the fight 58-56.

Round 7

GGG came out looking to set the tempo this round, but was unable to keep it up for long as Alvarez once again had him back peddling. Golovkin's shots looked to carry more power than they had for most of the fight, but Canelo kept with the game plan he has used for much of the fight.

Golovkin 10-9. Alvarez leads the fight 67-66.

Round 8

GGG refuses to let Canelo take full control of the fight and has proven to have enough in the tank to respond every time he starts to face any adversity. Alvarez was not as aggressive as he had been most of the night, and although he is still defending well, GGG took the round.

Golovkin 10-9. The fight is tied at 76-76.

Round 9

Alvarez worked the body early in the round, but Golovkin responded well after the first minute. It could have easily gone either way, but Canelo was able to dip a few more of GGG's punches to demonstrate his defense.

Alvarez 10-9. Alvarez leads the fight 86-75.

Round 10

It's far from over, as both fighters have given themselves a chance in each round, especially the 10th. GGG landed the biggest shot of the round, but Canelo kept his head moving and didn't allow GGG to fully capitalize. Alvarez started strong, but Golovkin finished stronger.

Golovkin 10-9. The fight is tied 95-95.

Round 11

GGG flipped the script and had Canelo going backward for much of the round. Alvarez picked up his activity as the round carried on, but GGG appears to have a slight advantage going to the final round.

Golovkin 10-9. Golovkin leads the fight 105-94.

Round 12

Both men left it all out in the ring and made a deserving case to be crowned champion. Canelo kept GGG off balance in the 12th to take the round and even the fight.

Alvarez 10-9. The fight is tied 114-114.

Official Scores


115-113 for Alvarez

115-113 for Alvarez

Alvarez defeats Golovkin by majority decision to become the new unified middleweight champion.

After the match, Golovkin exited the ring before the customary post fight interview.