Lane Kiffin is the gift that keeps on giving.

By Charlotte Carroll
December 02, 2017

Florida Atlantic head coach Lane Kiffin is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only has he been quite the Twitter troll lately, he also likes to be hip with the kids. 

In his postgame press conference talking about bowl games after FAU's win over North Texas, Kiffin said the fans were chanting "We want Bama."

"I would love to play Bama," Kiffin said. "I'd feel sorry for our players, but I'd like it."

The "We want Bama" chant has taken off throughout social media and College Gameday signs as the Crimson Tide remain one of the best programs in college football. 

Plus there's Kiffin's personal history with the team after he served as offensive coordinator under Nick Saban.

In his first year with the Owls, Kiffin is already the second-winningest coach in Florida Atlantic's history so perhaps Bama will be in the picture someday. 

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