In Thursday's Hot Clicks, we look at Lane Kiffin's impressive week on social media.

By Andy Gray
November 30, 2017

Lane Kiffin is trolling like a champ


I'm not sure exactly when Lane Kiffin embraced his role as college football's most hated man, but it's like a good guy turning heel in wrestling and I can't get enough. In the past few days, he's targeted Nick Saban (the ripped jeans meme is amazing), tweeted out a Kim Jong Un/Tennessee meme and been the target of an angry Erik Ainge. I don't know who's next but I can't wait to find out.

Bill Belichick is just like the rest of us!

I've written about how Bill Belichick, despite his slightly unhappy demeanor, is actually a great boyfriend. Another example occurred last night when he and his boo-thang went to buy a Christmas Tree.

What was Bret Boone thinking?

Nothing like sliding into a random reporter's DMs just to mock sexual harassment.

My favorite thing about the UFC is ring girl Vanessa Hanson, who stopped by the SI Swimsuit office for a casting. She's today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 


Congrats to elite runner Paul Robinson, who just ran the fastest mile ever recorded in Antarctica. I have no idea what would motivate someone to travel to the world's coldest place to run a mile but to each their own.

Kristaps Porzingis vs. Aaron Judge

Who do you think got more votes in the NYC mayoral election?

I wouldn't want to be Conor McGregor right now

The MMA champ punched the relative of an Irish gangster, and he better look out.

Giants fans are not pleased with Eli Manning situation

Congrats to Maya Moore

Anyone have $250 million lying around?

Odds & Ends

Aaron Rodgers seems like the most down-to-earth star in the NFL (at least according to this story) ... Jose Canseco is mad at David Ortiz ... Conor McDavid has been wearing the wrong size skates this whole time ... Enes Kanter won't stop trolling LeBron James ...The newly-formed NFL Player's Coalition is having some issues ... Adam Silver definitely chose the wrong game to attend last night ... Congrats to Anthony Davis on his first career ejection ... Antonio Daniels went off on the Thunder's horrible play this season ... I don't understand what Burger King is doing here ... Titans receiver Rishard Matthews will wear Colin Kaepernick​ cleats this weekend ... Ronaldo is the world's most popular Instagram athlete ... LaVar Ball is sticking to the "Lonzo is better than Steph Curry" story ... Don't you dare ask Jimbo Fisher about loyalty ... Think your dad is embarrassing? ... Applebee's is basically asking you to get drunk this December ... Space Jam: Where are they now? ... Inside the strange world of celebrity money handlers ... The rogue Twitter employee who shut down Donald Trump's Twitter account has been found.

Russell Westbrook had a rough night

Brandon Williams gets in a quick workout

Today in great hockey celebrations

Blake Griffin is Born to Walk

George Harrison appears on Dick Cavett Show in 1971


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