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OL Jordan McNair collapsed at a May team workout from a heatstroke and died two weeks later.

By Jenna West
December 20, 2018

The University of Maryland released video footage from the day of the May workout where former offensive lineman Jordan McNair collapsed. Medical information was redacted from the footage, which contains few new details to shed light on what happened that day.

Bodycam videos showed the arrival of two University of Maryland police officers at Gossett Football Team House, as documented in the report from the investigation into McNair's death. The report said an officer arrived at 6:03 p.m. ET and took an elevator up to the athletic training room.

Video footage from the same time showed an officer arriving at the scene and eventually taking it upstairs with medics. While waiting on the medics, the officer stood at the elevator and said to a Maryland employee, "I don't know why they're moving so slow."

According to the report, McNair was put on a stretcher and taken outside as trainers tried to cool him with ice packs. An ACLS ambulance arrived in front of Gossett at 6:10 p.m. and drove around back to field level less than one minute later. Video footage showed one of the police officers walking around back to meet the other, saying, "They're moving so f------ slow it's pissing me off."

Later in the video, one officer asked, "Did they at least bring him inside?" and the second officer answered "no." The first officer responded, "Still outside? Jesus."

The ambulance left with McNair at 6:27 p.m. and arrived at the hopsital nine minutes later, per the report.

On Thursday, Maryland released a statement along with the video.

"Our thoughts remain with Jordan McNair’s family, friends and teammates," the university said in the statement, per The Washington Post. The newspaper also said the footage was provided to the McNair family.

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On May 29, the day of the videos, McNair, 19, collapsed from a heatstroke at a team workout. He died two weeks later at the hopsital on June 13.

University president Wallace Loh said in August that the training staff "misdiagnosed" McNair's situation. Athletic director Damon Evans revealed that McNair did not have his temperature taken, nor was he given cold water immersion to lower his body temperature.

Maryland's board of regents conducted an investigation on the events surrounding McNair's death and concluded in September that the athletic training staff did not follow protocol when treating McNair's heatstroke symptoms at the workout.

The board also investigated allegations of a "toxic culture" in the football program under head coach DJ Durkin, who had been on administrative leave since Aug. 11. The allegations stemmed from an explosive report ESPN published on the program on Aug. 10.

In October, the board concluded its second investigation and determined that there were failures within the football program but it was not "toxic."

Maryland fired Durkin on Oct. 31, one day after the university accepted the board's recommendation to reinstate him.

You can access the full videos Maryland released here.

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