The Tigers mean business.

By Jenna West
September 08, 2019

No. 6 LSU beat No. 9 Texas on Saturday night and made sure to leave a mark on the field.

After defeating the Longhorns 45–38 in the highly anticipated non-conference game, LSU gathered on the field at Texas Memorial Stadium. The team watched safety Kenan Jones plant a flag on the turf and cheered him on. Saturday night's win was a huge moment for the playoff-hopeful Tigers, who have perhaps their best roster since 2011, when they last won the SEC championship.

While LSU wanted to enjoy its win, the post-game celebration wasn't nearly as dramatic as when Baker Mayfield planted Oklahoma's flag in the middle of Ohio State's logo at the 50-yard line in 2017. Mayfield's disrespectful act came after Oklahoma beat the Buckeyes 31–16 as revenge for Ohio State's 45–24 blowout over the Sooners the year before.

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