Pryor officially delays decision

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In a bizarre scene befitting what has already been an unparalleled recruiting saga, Jeannette (Pa.) quarterback Terrelle Pryor held his scheduled news conference Wednesday to announce: "I will not make a commitment today."

Seated at a table with at least eight microphones in front of him, surrounded by his mother, Thomasina, coach Ray Reitz and his unofficial adviser, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch, Pryor said his lengthy football and basketball schedules haven't allowed him enough time to properly make his decision.

"Him waiting is probably the best decision in the long run," said Reitz.

According to a New York Times reporter on the scene, there were nine television trucks in the school's parking lot Wednesday, and both ESPNU and CSTV broadcast the press conference live.

Pryor had long been believed to be choosing between Ohio State and Michigan. Based on his comments Wednesday, however, it appears the main factor behind his delayed decision is that he's giving renewed consideration to perceived underdog Penn State, where he now plans to take an official visit. Head coach Joe Paterno, quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno and defensive coordinator Tom Bradley visited Jeanette last week.

"They have a much better chance," Pryor said of the Nittany Lions. "I had my mind set last night where I was going to go, but ... I felt guilty that I wasn't giving [Jay Paterno] a chance. Coach Jay has a great plan if I go there. And my dad's basically in love with [Bradley]."

Pryor also said that Oregon -- a school he previously indicated was out of the hunt -- is back in it.

"Oregon's still in it because now I have time to take a visit," said Pryor. "At some point I'll take a flight out there."

College football's signing period lasts until April 1. It's not clear when Pryor will take visits to Penn State or Oregon. He said the four schools "all say they have an open spot and will wait as long as possible."