Will Dana Holgorsen ever grow a mullet that rivals Mike Gundy's? #DearAndy

Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy boasts the most distinct hairstyle among college football coaches with his impressive mullet, but WVU's Dana Holgorsen isn't far behind. When will Holgorsen step his game up to match his former boss?
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In this week's #DearAndy, Andy Staples is joined by West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen and offensive coordinator Jake Spavital. They answer your question on...

When will Holgorsen grow a mullet that rivals Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy's? Gundy's mullet is certainly unparalleled in the world of college football, but Holgorsen's hairstyle is pretty distinct itself. Does the Mountaineers head man feel like he needs to step his hair game up, or is he content as is? And can Spavital ever imagine himself switching to a mullet?