Will Nick Saban's new contract re-ignite the coaching salary arms race? #DearAndy

Can other programs keep up with Alabama football paying Nick Saban $11 million this year?  Do they even need to?
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In this week's #DearAndy, Andy Staples answers your question on...

Will Alabama coach Nick Saban’s contract extension and raise, which will pay him over $11 million this year, trigger a new arms race for coaches’ salaries? Can other programs keep up? Do they even need to in order to attract good coaches?

How big of a problem is it for the Big 12 that the conference was last in the Power 5 in players selected in this year’s NFL draft? Even the American Athletic Conference had more players drafted than the Big 12. Does the league need to change its style? Or was this just a down year?

Will other programs take similar trips like Michigan’s team trip to Rome? Should this be encouraged or banned? If college players can’t be paid, why not give them a once-in-a-lifetime trip?