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Biggest takeaways from 2017 spring games

Cam Akers could could shine as a freshman at Florida State, Michigan's rebuilt defense is in good shape and more things we learned from college football spring games.

We’ve gotten our first look at every college football team for the 2017 season, so it’s time to assess what we’ve learned. Spring practices have come and gone, capped by programs’ spring games. While it’s tempting to make too much of what are essentially scrimmages that coaches know will be heavily scrutinized and thus have an incentive to manipulate what they reveal, spring games are the closest we’ll get to in-game competition until Week 1. And they’re the last we’ll see of practices until summer camp.

So, with recognition of the limitations of this analysis, it's time to dive in on some of the biggest takeaways from 2017’s spring games.

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