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Oklahoma State Opposes Ohio State's 'OSU' Trademark Application

Oklahoma State files objection to patient office, seeks to block Ohio State's use of 'OSU'

Oklahoma State University has filed an extension with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office saying they intend to oppose Ohio State's intended use of the trademark "OSU," reports the Columbus Dispatch.

Ohio State filed their application in February with the patent office seeking to use "OSU" on "clothing and headgear, namely, t-shirts, shirts, hats, and baseball caps."

Oklahoma's State extension was approved and they have until the end of next month to file their objection to Ohio State's application.

Both schools have had trademarks on "OSU" for the past 30 years, but those trademarks only apply use of the word to sports events and recreation programs, entertainment and education.

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Oklahoma State also has a concurrent usage agreement with Oregon State.

Ohio State’s trademark covers 19 states and Oklahoma State’s trademark covers 17 states, mostly in the western and southern United States.

Spokespersons from both universities insist that there is no conflict and want to come to a resolution.

“This isn’t a conflict of schools,” Ohio State spokesman Chris Davey said, “This is the type of item that arises from time to time in (administering) a trademark.”

“We are constantly evaluating the licensing landscape to protect Oklahoma State University’s interests,” Oklahoma State spokesman Gary Shutt said. “We look forward to talking to Ohio State about joint use and making sure our universities and our fans are best served.”