Watch: Alabama’s Andy Pappanastos Misses Potential National Championship-Winning FG

You have to feel sorry for Andy Pappanastos. 
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Alabama kicker Andy Pappanastos had a chance to give the Crimson Tide another national championship with a 36-yard field goal in the final seconds of Monday’s title game. But he missed. 

It was the second missed field goal of the night for Pappanastos, who also failed to connect from 40 yards out in the first quarter. He did make a 30-yarder later in the game but even that kick didn’t appear to struck cleanly and wobbled on its way to the goal post. 

Alabama tried to set up Pappanastos in the best position possible for the field goal, bringing quarterback Jalen Hurts—who had been benched at the start of the second half—off the bench to run the ball from the right hash to the middle of the field. Even with the straight-on angle, Pappanastos’s kick sailed wide to the left. 

It didn’t end up mattering, though. Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa found DeVonta Smith for a 41-yard touchdown pass in overtime to win the game.