Florida Commit Jacob Copeland Calls Mom Storming Off Camera After His Announcement 'Hilarious'

The Florida commit seems to have no problem with his mom stealing the show by walking off during his commitment.
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Florida commit Jacob Copeland got put in the stickiest situation one could imagine, when his mother walked off camera during his commitment ceremony Wednesday.

The four-star recruit was choosing between the Gators, Alabama and Tennessee, and decided to go with Florida. His mother was wearing an Alabama sweater and a Tennessee hat while sitting next to her son, and after he picked up the blue Florida hat, she walked away from the table they were sitting at, creating an unbelievably awkward and hilarious situation.

She did come back and hug Jacob, essentially squashing any potential rift between the two over his choice, but it would still make sense for Jacob to be upset with how the whole situation played out for millions across the world to see.

But nope. Despite being upstaged by his mother during his special moment, Copeland is taking it all in stride. In fact, he actually enjoyed his mother's decision to excuse herself from the ceremony after his announcement.

"What my momma did today was hilarious," Copeland tweeted. "If you knew her personally that's her job. PUT ON A SHOW!"

With Jacob treating like like something he expected, this story has an even happier ending than we could imagine, which makes her walking off even more enjoyable.

Just imagine how much funnier the "show" was to the people who do know her personally.