NCAA Experimenting With Quarters, Longer Three-Point Line for 2018 NIT Games

The NCAA is trying out four experimental rules at this season's NIT.
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The NCAA is trying out four experimental rules for this season's NIT, including having the game played in 10-minute quarters instead of 20-minute halves, it was announced Tuesday.

In addition to playing quarters, the three-point line 20 inches to the same point as the FIBA three-point line (22 feet and 1.75 inches), the lane will be widened four feet to match the 16-foot width the NBA uses and the shot clock will only reset to 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds after offensive rebounds.

Last year's experimental rules for NIT included the shorter shot clock reset after offensive rebounds, and a rule that made team fouls reset after 10 minute stretches and eliminated one-and-one free throws. Teams reached the bonus on the fifth foul of each 10-minute period and took two free throws instead of reaching the single-bonus (one-and-one) at seventh foul of the half and the double-bonus (two free throws) at the 10th foul of the half.

With this year's tournament featuring quarters, the rules on team fouls and the shooting bonus will be implemented the same way as last season.

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"The NIT is an exciting event with a rich tradition and history, yet it also provides us a platform to consider how the game might look in the future," NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt said in a statement.. "We’ve seen the adoption of recent experimental rules and how they have had a positive impact. This track record of the game evolving is a result of us having the flexibility to see if the rules work and are met with satisfaction."

The 30-second shot clock and the four-foot restricted area arc are both rules that were first experimented with in the NIT. This year's NIT will get started on March 13.