Loyola-Chicago's Sister Jean Gets Her Own Bobblehead

Sister Jean has become the face of Loyola-Chicago and naturally, the next logical step is getting a bobblehead. 
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Loyola-Chicago's 98-year-old chaplain, Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, has become a national treasure as the Ramblers have made a run to the Final Four. 

Sister Jean has become the face of Loyola and naturally, the next logical step is getting a bobblehead. 

You can preorder one for $25 from the Bobblehead Hall of Fame. It will be licensed by Loyola-Chicago, and part of the proceeds going to the Loyola Athletic Fund and the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sister Jean was made into a bobblehead before, with some lucky fans owning versions from Sister Jean bobblehead night in 2011 and 2015. 

Loyola will play Michigan in the Final Four on March 31 in San Antonio, Texas. 

And don't worry, Sister Jean will be able to get onto the raised court at the game. So be prepared for plenty more Sister Jean appearances this week.


The Sister Jean bobbleheads are all gone, and according to Bobblehead Hall of Fame co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar, they sold in in just over five days and only needed 48 hours to sell the first 5,000.

"It’s already tripled any single bobblehead that we’ve sold," Sklar said in an email to SI.com. "We may have to do something similar to music recordings and get Sister Jean a platinum bobblehead."

Sklar adds that 63 percent of the purchases were from outside of Illinois and the most any individual person ordered was 30. The Sister Jean bobbleheads passed the Clemson Football National Championship bobbleheads, which sold just fewer than 3,000, as the company's best-seller.