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Kent State Basketball Commit Kalin Bennett Aims to Be NCAA's First Autistic Player

Bennett became the first autistic student-athlete to ever sign a national letter of intent to play a Division I team sport.

Kent State University basketball prospect Kalin Bennett is on track to set history.

Earlier in November, Bennett became the first austistic student-athlete to sign a national letter of intent to play an NCAA team sport at the Division I level. Per's Elton Alexander, Bennett will enroll at Kent State next summer.

Listed at 6'10" and 300 pounds, Bennett said he wants to make an impact off the court by setting a precedent for children who are dealing with autism.

“I want to use this platform to inspire other kids with autism and non-autism," Bennett said. "I want to let them know, hey, if I can do this, you can do it, too. A lot of times they feel alone and by themselves, and I felt that same way growing up.’’

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Bennett, who attends Link Year Prep in Little Rock, reportedly had offers from several other colleges, but chose Kent State because of its growing initiative with autism support.