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Report: 'Horns Down' Hand Gesture Won't Bring Automatic Flag in Big 12 Championship

The traditional taunt against Texas won't bring an automatic flag when Oklahoma faces the Longhorns in the Big 12 Championship.

If Oklahoma players decide to make the "Horns Down" gesture that mocks the popular Texas hand salute during the Big 12 Championship, there's no guarantee it will draw a flag, Ryan Aber of The Oklahomanreports.

While the signal reportedly won't bring an automatic penalty, it could still be penalized if done as a direct taunt.

When Texas played West Virginia earlier this month, the Mountaineers were flagged twice for the gesture. This caused Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley to ask for clarification from the Big 12 heading into his team's rematch with its archrival.

When the Longhorns and Sooners met back in October, Oklahoma wasn't given the chance to antagonize its storied foe as Texas held the lead for most of the game and won 48-45.

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